Medical Data Service

Beijing 1MData Technology is under China National Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund.

Our main business is medical data service, which provides medical institutions with data interconnection and interoperability, data structurization and standardization, data mining, etc.

Our goal is to provide the real-world clinical data platform for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, etc.1MData serves the largest and highest quality medical data platform in China..

Maximum Data Size

Data Channels across the Whole Country

10,000,000 +

Patient Case Library


Clinical Departments

48 Data Tables, 2,500 Structured Sites, covering all the information within the hospitals
Using the natural semantic processing and rules engine, with the processing speed of 30,000copies/sec, Recall 82 ~ 97%, Precision> 95%
Synchronizing with the Hospital Information System data in 30 minutes
75% of Patients
have Follow-up Data

Leading Technology

3 Patents+ software copyrights

The only Medical Big Data company
selected for Microsoft Accelerator

1MData Box
to be automatically seamlessly real-time docking the whole hospital data system
1MData Intelligent Processing
System to achieve data structuration and complex calculations
1MData Insight Platform
for clinicians/healthcare companies to provide decision


has built strategic partnership with China National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, China Cardiovascular Association, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and Red Cross Society of China.

1MData is also the participation institute of research on the standards and norms of information related to interconnection and interoperability of China's National Health and Family Planning Commission.In the respiratory therapeutic area, 1MData has built together with Academician Dr. Zhong Nanshan an ecosystem for Chinese COPD patients.

In the field of cardiovascular and orthopedic diseases, 1MData has helped the National Clinical Quality Control Center complete the quality control work.

Meanwhile 1MData is also a member of HL7-China, CDISC and other international medical data standardization organizations.


A Glance of Cooperation Hospitals Contracts

Beijing 1MData Technology Co., Ltd. granted as member company of HL7 (Health Level Seven) China, from August 18, 2017 to August 17, 2018.
Beijing 1MData Technology Co., Ltd. granted as member company of China Health Information Exchange Technology Alliance, from August 18, 2017 to August 17, 2018.